Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fall Forecast

Jewelry does so much more than enhance your sense of style and finish an outfit - it can change your mood, give you confidence, and uplift your spirits. We all know the "green" trend is exploding, and the desire to connect to nature is now driving fashion (and jewelry!) to use natural products such as semiprecious stones, shell, and wood.

Vibrant colors from nature are being paired with coppery browns, and metal colors are being combined with natural materials for a more edgy, organic look. Colors inspired by the outdoors are going to be everywhere this fall and winter - look for emeralds, soft lavenders, plums, modern pastels, warm browns and vibrant turquoises.

When jewelry shopping, go for pieces that have a feeling of luxury without the bling - soft pearls, rich semiprecious stones, and exquisitely worked metals. Mix up your look by adding chains and links, and pick pieces that focus on shape and silhouette. As a final tip, layers are still going strong - layer a bulkier piece with a delicate chain and a pendant, and you are ready to work it this fall!

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