Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to make a Heart Pendant

1. Take a class. Spend a fortune on supplies. Take home the pattern. 

2. Yell at that pattern, because you have looked at it eight times and just now realized it isn't all in English.
3. Watch a youtube video to try and understand the pattern
4. Put the beads, string, and needle down.
5. Put them down now!!!
6. Watch the video again
7. Don't get upset that your heart is not as nice as that bitch from the video (sorry, I’m sure she is a lovely lady)
8. Make cupcakes
9. Eat all of them
10. Check your email again for the 1,000th time in order to avoid the heap of destruction and beads covering your floor
11. Put your mangled heart down again and work on something you are already good at to make yourself feel like a better person
12. Treasure the heart pendant you made in class because you're obviously never making one again.


  1. This is hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh. I am sure you will concur this sooner or later.

  2. HAHA I have so been there! Too funny :-)

  3. Thanks ladies!!! Have a great week :)


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