Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rings! Rings!

I made these rings this morning, and I LOVE THEM! The center is Swarovski crystal and they are completely adjustable, which is a must.

Which color is your favorite?

I'm really digging the pink, but the other colors are perfect for fall too.


  1. i can't decide between the purple or the gold. maybe b/c LSU football is starting this week! ;) these are great! i love them!

  2. i can't decide either. i love the gold...and the purple the most too!!!!!!!!!

  3. My name is Kylee Winkler and I clicked on the link from Nikki's blog to get to yours. I was wondering how much you sell these rings for? I have a few people that I would like to get them for because I know they would for sure love them. You can email me at winklek@eou.edu. Thanks!


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